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2010 Summer History Trip August 4, 2010

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What a busy but so worth it trip:

- Started with a Dayton Dragons Baseball Game

- Left at 2 a.m. for Virginia for a short stop in at my old college bookstore (Liberty University)/ (Thanks to a thoughtful husband- thanks babe!) then off to visit my mom and dad

- Went onto Washington D.C. the next day for the day, we saw: Union Station, the Capitol Building, and then The Air and Space Museum and The American History Museum (Hint: this was our second trip into Washington D.C… our last trip is catalogued in September 2009 on this blog site).

- On to Philadelphia to sleep in a hotel for the evening

- Next day, into Philadelphia to see: The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, a round of put put golf, then onto Benjamin Franklin square… onto Maine

- Arrived in Maine for a day at the Outlet shops for some back to school shopping.  Had and Italian Lunch then Gelato in downtown Brunswick (YUM) and the kids climbed the big L.L. Bean Boot : )

- Next day went to Portland to see Portland Head Lighthouse (commissioned by George Washington) and then onto a lighthouse boat tour where we saw 6 other lighthouses, heard their history… then walked along Portlands old town (nautica feel). 

- Next day onto Boston: drove past Fenway Park (loved the vibe of all the baseball fans : )… then onto the U.S.S Constitution (the oldest commissioned Naval Ship (loved the Gun Deck and the History

- Onto New York (we stayed on the New Jersey side across the Hudson (we could see Manhattan)

- Next day into New York via the Ferry, saw: Time Square, ate at the Hard Rock Cafe, rode the subway, went to the American Girl Store (3 levels), then onto the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty : )

- Back home…Needless to say… very, very tired… the next day I had to take David to the airport, so he could go back to work in Maine  : ( but not before going to Sunshine’s first soccer practice for the season : )

- 16 days until school starts… it will be here in a blink of an eye : ) I will start teaching at a Private Christian School and the kids will head back to school in the first time in 4 years! I am little Jelly Bean’s teacher : ) Sunshine and Lego Boy will be in some of my classes too : ) Love that I can take the kids to work with me and looking forward to getting started!









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