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Reasons to Homeschool : ) December 24, 2011

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3 Responses to “Reasons to Homeschool : )”

  1. I love this! I am a home-schooler of my two kids, aged 3 & 1. I was also home educated myself from age 11, and SO loved wearing my pajamas to ‘school’!

    Thanks for sharing this, and God bless :)

  2. bailbrae Says:

    Loved this, lol! Especially liked the “extended field trips” and socializing with people of all ages! We label ALL vacations as field trips and that socializing issue is one of my favorite arguments when people question homeschooling. ;)

    Thanks for sharing. Hope your family had a wonderful holiday! Looking forward to reading through more of your blog…

    Homeschooling mom of two boys that’s ecstatic to have found my budding writer an online writing tutor that’s not ME! :)

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